Integrating Best Practice SLAs and KPIs into Sourcing Contracts | Virtual Roundtable

best practice
SLAs and KPIs
into sourcing contracts

Virtual Roundtable

Wednesday, May 18 | 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST

Your roundtable hosts

  • Sarthak Brahma

    Vice President & Head, Pricing Assurance

  • Eric Simonson


Request to attend

Note that participation is limited to enterprises only (no service providers), and each attendance request must be approved by Everest Group.

About the Virtual Roundtable

SLAs and KPIs are an integral part of an outsourcing contract, and they should be aligned to overall program objectives. Misalignment can have significant impact on deal pricing, quality of service delivery, and customer experience.

Following an overview of contemporary market trends, participants will discuss useful negotiation levers to employ (and key pitfalls to avoid) to help structure equitable SLAs as part of the contracting process.
  • Who should attend

    Outsourcing and procurement executives responsible for negotiating contract terms seeking to learn more about contemporary best practices in negotiating SLAs with service providers

  • What you will learn

    This session will help participants develop insights on equitable incorporation of best practice SLAs and KPIs into contracts, without sacrificing service performance or incurring avoidable costs.

  • Virtual Roundtable Guidelines

    Participation is limited to enterprises (no service providers), and each attendance request must be approved by Everest Group to ensure an appropriate size and mix of participants. The sessions are 90 minutes in duration and include introductions, a short presentation, and 60 minutes of facilitated discussion.