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Contact Center Outsourcing Annual Report 2016: The Rise of Digital Contact Centers – Clear Evidence that Real Change is Underway

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Contact centers across the world are moving into the digital era with focus on enhanced customer experience in a multi-channel environment. This industry-wide change has led to service providers changing their value proposition from traditional FTE-based business to technology enabled solutions such as automation and analytics in order to stay relevant. With the market going through a period of transition, the global CCO market grew at a rate of 4% in 2015 to reach US$75-78 billion.

The changing landscape of the buyer requirements and evolving consumer needs for multi-channel digital experience has had an impact on the solution characteristics that exist in the CCO market currently – higher onshore delivery, multi-channel solutions, technology, automation solutions, value-added services, technology, and pricing model.

This report will assist key stakeholders (buyers, service providers, and technology providers) understand the changing dynamics of the CCO market and help them identify the trends and outlook for 2016-2017. In this backdrop, the report provides comprehensive coverage of the global CCO market including detailed analysis of the market size & growth, buyer adoption trends, CCO value proposition & solution characteristics, and service provider landscape. Some of the findings are:

  • The global contact center spend stands at US$ 300-320 billion, of which third-party outsourcing accounts for ~25%
  • Buyers’ expectation from service providers have expanded beyond cost containment and implementation to focus on pro-activeness, providing better insights, and innovation
  • Onshoring activity continued to increase in 2015 as buyers increased their focus on improving service quality and prefer agents close to customers
  • The adoption of multi-channel contracts is increasing with greater inclusion of chat and social media to address the evolving customer need for an integrated digital experience

Download the complimentary preview deck

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